Welcome to our free sign dictionary, sign language with graphics!

So here goes, I hope to continue this work, but it will be sporadic.  In the mean time:

May thoughts of Christ’s birth bring you joy, His cross bring you assurance of redemption and His resurrection bring hope this Christmas and throughout the New Year 🙂Christmas scene

For those who struggle with ASL as a second language yet need the use of sign language, you can use their signs and the signs from SEE (signing exact English) and BSL (British sign Language) in the same way you speak, same sentence structures, etc.

We have completed the list of most used words in the order they appear on many different lists, now we are going alphabetical order to complete the dictionary.

We hope that you find this site very helpful. Please use the contact form if you have any questions or suggestions.

Most people who learn sign language as a second way of communicating find that a combination of methods work best for them. We use S.E.E. most of the time but also make use of some A.S.L. signs, and BSL as well as ones we make up.

Please feel free to use this site to learn with a friend, that makes learning much more fun.

We choose graphics to illustrate sign language, and hope this works for you.