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We are a mother-daughter team learning signing English and decided we would create this dictionary (picture dictionary of signs) while we learn it.
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In case some of you are wondering how we make our graphics. We started with photos of Miss J and Mr. J (without mustache or glasses) for the main mannequin, then Miss J models the signs. For years we have been making drawings off of photos we take ourselves in order to do paper artwork, we just borrowed the idea for signing.

Mrs J
Mrs. J. is a stay-at-home wife and mother, married since 1977, with adult children and two grandsons. I became interested in learning sign language when I started loosing my hearing. Along with mild anaphylactic reactions causing me to loose the ability to speak.

Long ago I learned that I had an eye problem like dyslexia, which is part of the form of epilepsy (partial complex seizures). My eye-brain connection has been mixed up ever since my youth so I turn things around. Over the years I have had to learn how to compensate for this disability. Like so many others that teacher deemed as unteachable, with God’s help I did earn 2 PhD, but declined the certificate when the condition was to deny my Lord.

Throughout the years, I have relied on others to help me make text and pictures correct. My daughter after much prayer stated she wanted to be a stay-at-home daughter to help me out, sacrificing to be here for me.

To learn a little more about my journey with God and faith, this book talks about how God makes Himself known in spite of our ways or circumstances, it is my testimony and not a work of theology or editorially correct.) (Get PDF of book here)

Miss J. is a stay-at-home daughter. She stays home to help out in so many ways, learning sign language with me in only one of those ways. She is self educated in finances, as well as many diverse interest (scriptures included) and does wonderful things in so many different arenas, she is so multi talented, it would take a book to talk about all her accomplishments.

She has been published with creating original designs for knit and crochet, as well as graphics. At a very young age she started her own business with bead work and paper artwork. She is self taught in many areas of software (she is the one who keeps the website going).

She also suffers with a disability of scoliosis, but has been able to learn how to compensate for it over the years. She has a natural ability to edit most writings and has done that for years for me. She has been a wonderful personal assistant to me for years.

Mr J
Mr. J is now retired. He keeps our hardware up and running. He searches yard sales and second hand stores to find equipment to keep us in computers. We often say if he cannot fix it, well, it is not broke.

He has work for years earning the equivalent of an engineers degree. Many he worked with who had those degrees admit learning from his skills that he built up over years of experience in the automotive industry as well as small engines.

He had learned to program a Commodore 64 when it first came out and submitted corrections to their programming, which he was never compensated for, but received a grateful thanks from them.

JJ - TJ - gc
My son and his wife live not far from us with their two wonderful boys. They are busy raising the most rambunctious, curious, wonderful boys (a grandma’s privilege to brag). Both my son and daughter-in-law are very accomplish individuals themselves. My son has the same talents as his father in automotive as well as in the building industry. Honestly there is almost anything he can build, from wiring, to plumbing, structure, everything a business or home would need.

My daughter-in-law is such a sweet powerful young lady, she managed a store for years and then changed careers. Covid has affected a lot of people with career changes. She is a self motivator and seems there is nothing she cannot do herself.

Both my son and daughter-in-law are teaching their sons at home, it is so wonderful to see how the boys grow an mature under the loving care of these two.

Vice President of MarketingVP of Marketing – (Mr. Ted Stuffins) Another part of our team, we can find him in the kitchen stuffing himself with the latest bake goods, and it if is chocolate we are following close behind him.

Director of Research and DevelopmentDirector of Research and Development – Mr. Drake Rivers, we have a hard time finding him as he often slips out of the office to swim around in a bigger pond, slippery dude.

Head of MaintenanceMr. Shelly Sloth, head of the maintenance department. Happy fellow but just seems to take things at his own pace.

We could not find any free resources for signing the way we talk so by the grace of God we are going to start this free picture dictionary of signs with what we have on hand. It may not be perfect but we hope it helps you. God bless you.

This website is owned and operated by a person losing their hearing and her daughter. Not finding a free signing English resource to learn a new way of communicating, we are making one.

This website and its contents, graphics, text, etc. are copyrighted. You may use the site to teach with giving the credit to its creators (signing English by Ej and Ej). Please do not claim any of this work as your own. It take a lot for us to create and publish this work, it is a labor of love to help others out so please do not take advantage of this. We are not a 501c3 organization, just a family who wants to help others and honor God the best we can. Thank you for understanding.

May the Lord bless your lives with His presence and with His grace and mercy.