Words that begin with “S” – (n) – noun; (v) verb

Sabbath    sack    sacred    sacrifice    sad    saddle    safe    sail    saint    salad    salami    sale

salt    salute    salvation    same    sample    sand    sanctify    sanctuary (2 options)    sandal

sandwich    sanitary    Santa Claus    sarcasm    satellite    satisfy    Satan    Saturday    sauce

sausage    save    savior    saw (n)    say, said (past tense)    scale    scare    scarf    scatter    scene

schedule    scheme    schizophrenic    school    science    scissor    scold    scoop    scoot    score

scorn    scorpion    Scot    scout    scramble    scrape    scratch    scream    screen    screw

screwdriver    script    scroll    scrub    sculpt    sea    seal    seam    search    seashell    season

seat    second    secret    secretary (2 options)    section, sector    secure    see, saw (2 forms)

seek    seem    seesaw    segment    seldom    select    self    selfish     sell, sold    semester

seminary    senate    send, sent    senior    sense    sensitive   sentence    separate

September (2 options)    sequence    sequin    seraph, seraphim    sergeant    series    serious

serve, servant    set    settle    Seventh Day Adventist 2 options   several    sew    sewer

shade, shadow    shake    Shakespeare    shall (2 options)    shallow    shame    shampoo    shape

share    shark    sharp    shave    she    shears    shed 2 kinds    sheep    sheet    shelf    shell

shelter    shh    shepherd    shield    shine    ship    shirt    shiver    shock    shoe    shoot, shot

shop    shore    short    should (2 options)    shoulder    shout    shovel    show    shower    shrimp

shrink (2 options)    shut    shy    sick     side    sift    sigh    sight    sign (language)    sign (v & n)

signal    silent    silly    silver    similar    simple    simulate    simultaneous    sin    since

sing, sang, sung    single    sink, sank, sunk    sip    sir    siren    sister (2 options)    sit, sat    site

situate    size    skate    skeleton    skeptic    sketch    ski    skill    skillet    skin    skinny    skip    skirt

skull    skunk    sky    skyscraper    slack    slang    slap    slave    sled    sleep    sleeve    sleigh

slice    slide    slight    slim    slip    slipper    slop    slope    slow    slug    small    smart    smell

smile    smog    smoke    smooth    snack    snag    snail    snake    snap    snatch    sneak

sneeze    sniff    snip    snob    snore    snow    so    soap    soccer    social, society    social work

sock    socket    soda    sofa    soft    soil    solar    solder    soldier    sole    solid    solve    some

someone    somersault    something    sometimes    son    song    soon    sophisticate

sophomore    sore    sorry    sort    soul    sound    soup    sour    source    south    space

spaghetti    Spain    spank    spark    sparkle    sparrow    spatula    speak, spoke    spear    special

specific    speech    speed    spell    spend    spice    spider    spill    spin    spinach    spine    spirit

spit    spite    splash    splice    splinter    split    spoil   sponge    spook    spool    spoon    sport

spot    sprain    spray    spread    spring    sprinkle    spurt    spy    squad    square    squash

squeal    squeeze    squid    squirm    squirrel    stab    stack    stadium    staff    stage    stain

stair    stale    stall    stamp    stand, stood    standard    staple    star    stare    start    startle

starve    state    station    stationary (still)    stationery (paper)    statistics    statue    statute

stay    stead    steadfast    steak    steal    steam    steel    steep    stegosaurus    stem    step

stereo    stethoscope    stew    stick    still    stimulus    sting, stung    stingy    stink    stir    stitch

stock    stocking    stole    stomach    stone    stop    store    storm    story    stove    straddle

straight    strange    strategy    straw    strawberry (2 options)    stray    stream    street    stress

stretch    strict    strike    string    strip    stripe    strive    stroke    strong, strength    structure

struggle    stubborn    study, student    stuff    stump    stupid    style   subject    submarine

subscribe    substance    substitute    subtle    subtract    subway (2 options)    subzero

succeed    success    such    suck    sucker    sudden    suffer    suffix    sugar    suggest   suicide

suit    sum    summary    summer    summon    sun    sundae    Sunday    sunrise    sunset

super    supercharge    superintendent    superman    superstition    supervise    supper

supplement    supply    support    suppose    suppress    sure    surface    surgery    surprise

surrender    surround    survive    suspect    suspend    suspenders    swallow    swan    sway

swear (2 options)    sweat    sweater    Swede    Sweden    sweep    sweet    sweetheart (2 options)

swell, swollen    swift    swim, swam    swing    swipe    switch    sword    syllable    symbol

sympathy    symptom    synagogue    synonym    syntax    syrup    system (2 options)