Affixes (include both prefixes and suffixes).  Affixes are attached to a root word to make a new word.
example SEE sign for asleep
asleep: start with stationary “A” follow with, facing in “5” hand, in front of face dropping
slightly, while closing down to flat “O”

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Affixes Index
Page 1 – example (asleep); a-; -able,-ible (word able); -age; al-; -al, all; an-,-an; -ance, -ence; -ant, -ent; ante-; anti-; -ar, -er, -or;

Page 2 – -are, -ery, -ory; -ate; be-, -be (word be); -d; dis-; -dom; -e; ed (2 options); -ee; -en option 1; -en option 2; -ese;

Page 3 – -ess; -est; -fold (word fold 2 options); fore-, -fore; -ful (word full); -herd (word herd); -hood (word hood); -ic; -ice; -icity, ity; -ify; il-, im-, in-, ir-;

Page 4 – -ile; -ine; -ing; inter-; intra-; -ion, -sion, -tion; -ish; -ism; -ist; ite; -ive; -ize; -less (word less); -like (word like);

Page 5 – -ly 2 options; -m; -ment; mis-; -n; -neath; -ness; non-; -ous; over- (word over); post- (word post); pre-;

Page 6 – pro-; re-; -s; -ship (word ship); some-, -some (word some); stead-, -stead (word stead); sub-; super- (words super); -t; -th; -thing (word thing);

Page 7 – un-; -ure; vice- (word vice);-w; -ward (word ward); -y
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