Recently we were informed about a sign that has nothing to do with ASL or any sign language, but is a sign we all need to be aware of, as it is the: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SIGNAL.

It has recently made the news but has been around before the beginning of Covid in 2020. The isolation of Covid brought out the greater need for this sign to be made known, as domestic violence escalated during the lock downs.

One police department decided to publish this information and now it is catching on.

Even before 2010, parents were looking for a sign for their children who may be in need of help or assistance from an abductor or bully etc.

Violence at home signal for help or need assistance, use this gesture during a video call or from a vehicle, or in any public setting, try not to allow the person abusing you to see this signal.

1. Hold hand up with palm facing other person.
2. Tuck thumb into palm.
3. Fold fingers down over thumb. 

If you see this signal be alert to how you may be of assistance or call 911 and report all the information you can.

Domestic violence sign