T, U

Words that begin with “T” or “U” – (n) – noun; (v) verb

table    tabernacle (including Moses)    tack    tackle    taco    tag    tail    tailor    take, took    tale

talent    talk    tall    tambourine    tame    tan    tangerine    tank    tantrum (2 options)    tap

tape    tar    tarantula    tardy    target    tart    task    taste    tattle    tax    taxi    tea    teach, taught

team    tear (rip), tear (cry)    tease    technical    technology    teddy bear    teen    teeter totter

teeth    telegram    telegraph    telephone    telescope    television    tell, told

temper, temperature     temple    temporary    tempt    Ten Commandments    tend, tender

tennis    tent    tepee    term    termite    terrific    territory    terror, terrible    test     testament

testify    Texas    texture    than    thank    Thanksgiving    that    the (2 options)    theater    their

them    theme    then     theory    therapy    there    therefore    thermometer    these    they

thick    thief    thigh    thimble    thin    thing    think, thought (2 forms)   third    thirst    this

thong    thorn    thorough    those    thousand    thread    threat    thrill    throat    throb    throne

through    throughout    throw    thrust    thumb    thunder    Thursday    ticket    tickle    tide    tie

tiger    tight    tile    till    timber    time    timid    tin    tiny    tip    tiptoe    tire (weary), tired

tire (wheel)    tissue    title    to, too    toad    toast    tobacco    toboggan    today    toe    together

toil    toilet    tolerate    tomato    tomb    tomorrow    ton    tone    tongs    tongue    tonight

tonsil    tonsillectomy    tool    tooth    toothbrush    toothpaste    top    topic    Torah    torch

torment    tornado    tortilla    tortoise    torture    toss    total    total communication    touch

tough    tour    tournament    tow    toward    towel    tower    town    toy (2 options)    trace

track    tractor    trade    tradition (2 options)    traffic    trail    train    trait    traitor    trample

trampoline    tranquil    transfer    transform    translate    transparency    transparent

transport    trap    trapeze    trash    travel    tray    treasure    treat    tree    tremendous    trend

triangle    tribe    tribute    triceratops    trick    tricycle    trike    trim    trip    triple    triumph

trombone    troop    trophy    trot    trouble    trouser    truck    true, truth    trumpet    trunk

trust    try    tub    tuba    tube    Tuesday    tug    tulip    tumble    tumor    tuna    tune    tunnel

turkey    turn    turnip    turquoise    turtle    tutor    twice    twig    twin    twine    twirl    twist

Tylenol    type    typewriter    tyrannosaurus-Rex

ugly    umbrella    umpire    unchangeableness    uncle    under (2 options)    underneath

understand    uniform    union    unit    unite    United States    universe    university    unless

unlike    until    up    upon    urge    urine    us     use (2 options), usual