O, P

Words that begin with “O” or “P” – (n) – noun; (v) verb

oar    oat    oath    oatmeal    obey    object (n), objective     object (v), objection    obligate

observe    obstacle    obstinate    obtain    obvious    occupy    occur    ocean

October (2 options)    octopus    odd    odor    of    off    offer    office    often    Oh    oil

ointment    okra    old     Old Testament    olive    Olympics    omelet    omit    on    once

one fourth, one half    onion    only    onto    onward    opaque    open    opera    operate

opinion (2 options)    opossum/ possum    opportune    oppose    option    or    oral    orange

orbit    orchard    orchestra    order    ordinance    ordinary    ore    organize    orient    origin

ornament    orphan    orthodontic    ostrich    other    ought    ounce    our (2 options)    out

outfit    outline    oval    oven    over    overalls    overdo    overhead projector    overwhelm    owe

owl    own    oxygen    oyster

pacific    pacifier    pack    package    pad    paddle    page    pageant    pail    pain    paint    pair

pajama    pal    palace    pale    pamphlet    pan    pancake    panda    panel    panic    pansy

pant    panther    panty    paper    parachute    parade    paradise    paradox    paragraph

parakeet    parallel    paramedic    paranoid    para-professional    parasite    paratrooper

pardon    pare    parent    parenthesis    Paris    park    parliament    parole    parrot    parsnip

part    participate    particle    particular    partner    party    pass    passenger    passion

Passover (2 options)    Passover booklet 2 options    paste    pastrami    pasture    pastry    pat

patch    path    patient    patio    patriot, patriotic    patrol    pattern    pause    pave    paw    pay

pea    peace    peach    peacock    peak    peanut    pear    pebble    pecan    peck    peculiar

peddle    peek    peel (2 options)    pen    penalty    pencil    pendulum    penetrate   penguin

penitent    pennant    penny    people    pepper    peppermint    per    perceive    percent    perch

percolate    perfect    perform    perfume    perhaps    perimeter    period    periscope

permanent    permit    perpendicular    perpetual    persecute    persist    person

personal computer – PC     personality    perspective    perspire    persuade    pervert    pest    pet

Philadelphia    philosophy    phobia    phone    photo    photograph    phrase    physical    physics

piano    piccolo    pick (2 options)    pickle    picnic    picture    pie    piece    pier    pierce

pig, piglet    pigeon    pile    pilgrim    pill    pillow    pilot    pimple    pin    pinafore    pinch    pine

pineapple    ping-pong   pink    pint    pioneer    pious    pipe    pirate    pitch (2 options)    pitcher

pitchfork    Pittsburgh    pity    pizza (2 options)    place    plagiarize    plague    plaid    plain    plan

plane    planet    plant    plaster    plastic    plate    plateau    platoon    platter    play    please

pledge     plenty    pliers    plow    plug    plum    plural    plus    pneumonia    pocket

poem    poet    poetry    point    poison    poke    Poland (2 options)    pole    police    policy

polish (v)    polite    politic    pollute    poncho    pond    ponder    pony    pool    poor    pop

popcorn    Popsicle    popular    populate    porch    porcupine    pork    porpoise    port

portfolio    pose    position    positive    possible (2 options)   post     postcard    post office

poster    postpone    posture    pot    potato    pouch    pound    pour    pout    powder    power

pox    practice    praise    pray    preach    precious    precipitate    precise    predicate    predict

prefer    prefix    pregnant    preheat    prejudice    premier    prepare    Presbyterian    prescribe

presence    present (2 forms)    preserve    president    press    pretend    pretty    pretzel

prevent    price    pride    priest    primary    prime    prime minister    prince    princess

principal    principle    print    prior    priority    prison    private    prize    pro    probable

problem    proceed    process    proclaim    procrastinate    produce, product    profane

profess, profession    profile    profit    profound    program    progress    prohibit

project (2 forms)    prolong    prologue    promise    promote    pronoun (2 options)

pronounce    proof    propaganda    proper    property    prophecy    proportion    prose

protect    Protestant    proton    proud    prove    proverb    provide    prune    psalm

psychiatry    psychology    pteranodon    public    publicity    pudding    puddle    puff    pull

pulse    pump    pumpkin    pun    punch    punctuate    punish    pupil    puppet     puppy

purchase    pure    purple    purpose    purr    purse    pursue    push    put    puzzle