I, J, K, L

Words that begin with “I”, “J”, “K”, “L” – (n) – noun; (v) verb


I    ice    ice cream    icicle    idea, idealism    identify    idiom    idiot    idle    if    igloo    ignorant

ignore    ill    illegal    illusion    illustrate    image    imagine    imitate    immaculate    immature

immediate    immense    immerse 2 options, immersion    impair    imply    import    important

impossible (2 options)    impress    imprint    improve    in    inch    incident    include    incorrect

increase    indeed    indent    independent    India    Indian    indicate    individual    industry

infant, infantile     infatuate    infect    inferior    infest    infiltrate    infinite    infirmary    inflate

inflect    influence    inform (2 options)    ingredient    inhabit    inherit    initiate, initial    injure

innocent    insect    insert    inside    insist    inspect    inspire    install    instant

instead (2 options)    instinct    institute    instruct    instrument    insult    insure    integrate

intellect    intend    intense    interact    interest    interfere    intermediate    intern    international

interpret    interrogate    interrupt    interval    interview    intimate    into    intranet    intrigue

introduce    intrude    invade    invent    invert    invest    investigate    invisible    invite    involve

inward    irate, irritate    Ireland, Irish    iron    irony    irresponsible    irrigate    is

island (2 options)    isolate    Israel    issue   it    Italy    itch    item    ivy

jack-in-the-box    jacket    jacks    jail    jam    janitor    January (2 options)    Japan (2 options)

jar    jay    jealous    jeans    jeep    jell    jelly    jello    Jesus    jet    Jew, Jewish    jewel    jingle    job

jog    join    joint    joke    journal    journey    joy    Judaism 3 options    judge    juggle    juice

July (2 options)    jumble    jump    June (2 options)    jungle    junior    junk    just, justice


kangaroo    karate    keep    kerchief    ketchup/ catsup    key    kick    kid (2 options)    kidnap

kill    kilogram    kilometer    kind    kindergarten    king, kingdom    kiss    kitchen (2 options)

kite    kitten    Kleenex    knee    kneel    knife    knit    knob    knock    knot

know, knew, known    Kool-Aid    Korea    kosher (2 options)

label    labor    lace    lack    ladder    lady    lake    lamb    laminate    lamp    land    lane

language, linguistic    lantern    lap    lard    large    lash    last    late, later    Latin

latitude    Latter Day Saints LDS (Mormons) 2 options    laugh    launch    launder    law, lawyer

lawn    lay     layer    lazy    lead (v & n)    leaf    league    leak    lean    leap    learn    leather

leave, left (2 forms)    lecture    ledge    ledger     leg    legal    legend    legislate    leisure    lemon

lemonade    lend    lens    leopard    less, least    lesson    let    letter    lettuce    level   liberty

library    license    lick    lid    lie (2 options), liar    life    lift    light    lightning    like    limb    lime

limit    Lincoln    line    link    linoleum    lion    lip    lipstick    liquid    liquor    list    listen    liter

literate    litter    little    live    liver    lizard    load    loaf    loan    lobster    local    locate    lock

locker    locket    locust    lodge    log    logic    lollipop    London    lone    lonesome

long, length    longitude    look    loop    loose    Lord    lose    loss    lot    lotion    loud

lounge    louse    love    lovely    low    luck    luggage    lumber    lump    lunch    lung    lust

Lutheran 2 options    luxury    lyric