Word Groups

Each word within a group of words have a similar action, but uses different letters to completed signs, some group are synonyms, other are not.

abbreviate; brief; short; temporary
abide; address; biography; dwell; exist; inhabit; life; live; mortal; reside; survive; vital
able; impossible; invisible; possible opt 1; visible   
abort; dispose; garbage; junk; remove; trash; waste
absent; delinquent; lack
absolute, complete; finish; end; expire; quotient; result (opt. 1)
abstract; concept; fantasy; fiction; hypothesis; idea; illusion; myth; notion; opinion opt. 1; theory; wild
abundant; bounty; enough; plenty
abuse; beat; curse* opt. 1; hit; lash; punch; slap; strike; whip
(AC) air conditioner; blog; bowel movement; charismatic opt 2; evangelism opt 2; handicap; high school; personal computer (PC); television; website opt 1
academic; school
accept; approve option 1
acclaim; compliment; hosanna, praise
accompany; escort; with
accomplish; achieve; succeed; success
accord; agree; brother; covenant; sister opt. 1
account; count; calorie
ache; cramp; hurt; injure; pain; wound
acknowledge; admit; confess; commit
acquaint; colleague; friend; -ism; mute; neighbor; partner; relate
acquire; get; receive; obtain
acre; area; district; island opt 1; lot; place; position; region opt 1; situate; territory
act; ambition (reverse action); drama; perform; theater; zeal
acute; blade; sharp
Adam; dad; father; grandfather
adapt; adjust; alter; amend opt 1; become; change; convert; distort; evolve; modify; reform; revise; translate
add; amend opt. 2; supplement
adhesive; cohesive
adjective; adverb; all; barbecue (barbeque); world wide web (ww) option 1 
admire; esteem; God; honor; respect; YHWH [Hashaym]
admonish; caution; rebuke; reproach; warn
adolescent; delight; gay; juvenile; young
adopt; assume
adore devout; pious; worship
adult; foster; gender; neuter; neutral; orphan; parent; sex; teen
adultery opt 1; choice; choose; elect; option; select
adultery opt 2, betray; mock; scorn; traitor
advance; promote
advertise; commercial; exaggerate; propaganda; publicity
advice; advise; affect; counsel; effect
advocate; allegiance; boost; crutch; support
affiliate; bond (fasten); connect; correlate
affirm; assure; confirm; plus; positive
affix; prefix; suffix
afraid; anxious; coward; dread; fear; horror; panic; phobia; terror
Africa opt. 1, beauty; face (front of head); gorgeous; Hawaii; lovely; pretty
after; deliver; export; post; refer; send; went
again; repeat
against; con; prejudice
age; century; decade; era; hour; period; semester; term; video; videotape
agenda; course; lesson; subject; topic; unit
aggress; buggy; cart; push
agony; torment
agriculture; Arizona; farm; ranch
aid; assist; facilitate; help; hint; rehabilitate; reinforce; therapy
ail; disease; flu; ill; pervert; sick
aim; goal; mission; object (noun); target
air; breeze; wind
aisle; gallery; hall; lane; mall; parallel
album; Bible; bibliography; book; booklet; Passover booklet option 1
alcohol; aspirin; drug; medicine; poison; Tylenol; Vaseline
alfalfa; barley; crop; grain; hay; oat; rye; straw; wheat
algae; bacteria; cell; fungus; gene
algebra; arithmetic; calculate; calculus; deduce; figure; geometry; math; statistic
alleluia; anniversary; celebrate; ceremony; hallelujah
allergy; anti-; contrast; disagree; enemy; foe; oppose; rival
alligator; crocodile
allow; grant opt 1; let; opportune; permit
all option 2; certify; entire; include; omni-; total; whole
all right; legal
allspice; basil; cinnamon; nutmeg; salt; spice
almond; nut; peanut; pecan; walnut
almost; convenient; ease; simple
alone; widow
along; length; long; prolong
alphabet; consonant; vowel
alternate; either; neither; nor; or; rather; then; whether
aluminum; brass; copper; iron; lead; metal; steel; tin
always; circle; eternal; eternity; ever; hoop; infinite; immortal opt 1; loop; round
am; are; be; is; not opt 2
amaze; astonish; surprise
ambulance; clinic; hospital; infirmary
amount; batch; heap; mound; pile; quantity; volume
amuse; enjoy; entertain
analysis; analyze; diagnose; diagnoses; diagnosis; system opt 1
anatomy; body; flesh; health; physical
ancient; elder; old
angel; cherub (cherubim); seraph (seraphim)
anger; fierce; fury; irate; rage; tantrum; wrath
animal; mammal
announce; bless (blest); declare; evangelism option 1; proclaim
annoy; bother; disturb; interfere
annul; condemn; critic; discriminate; revoke
anonymous; cite; identify; name; repute
answer; reply; respond; response
ant; beetle; cricket; insect; pest; roach; scorpion; spider; termite
antelope; antler; deer; elk; moose; reindeer
anthem; carol; chorus; hymn; lyric; melody; music; poem; poet; poetry; psalm; rhythm; song; tune
anticipate; expect
antonym; homonym
apart; depart
apartment; ark (of Covenant); box; case; condo opt 2; den; garden; kitchen opt 1; room
apathy; ignore; neglect
ape; gorilla; monkey
aphasic (aphasia); bewilder; confuse
apologetics; defend; guard; prevent; protect
apologize; clean; dismiss; exclude; excuse; immaculate; neat; pardon; parole; righteous; sanctify
apostle; apostolic; disciple; follow
apostasy; astray; backslide (2 opt); deviate; stray
appetite; depress; desire; hunger; hungry; lust; passion; starve; wish
applaud; applause
apple; fruit; grapefruit; pineapple; vegetable
appoint; engage; nation; republic; reserve opt. 2
appreciate; contrition; penitent; please; regret; repent; sorry
approve opt 1; accept
approve opt 2; stamp
apricot; fig; nectarine; plum; tangerine
all months opt 1: April; August; calendar; February; December; January; July; June; March; May; November;
October; September
April opt 2; basket; hamper; purse
arc; arch
architect; art; craft; diagram; draw; etch; sketch; trace
argue; hassle
arithmetic; algebra; calculate; calculus; deduce; figure; geometry; math; statistic
ark (Noah’s); boat; drift; float; glide; raft
armor; shield
arrange; prepare; strategy
arrest; grab
arrive; reach
arrogant; snob
arrow; cupid
artificial; cult option 1; counterfeit; fake; false; impostor; pretend
ashamed; bashful; shame; shy; timid
Asia; China; Japan; Korea
ask; inquire; petition; request; supplication
asparagus opt 1; broccoli; celery; emerge; furnace; grow; herb; ivy; plant; rhubarb; spring; tumor; vine; weed
asparagus opt 2; stem
assassin; kill; murder; suicide; slay
assemble; blend; convene; convention
assess; awkward; balance; clumsy; court; doubt; evaluate; judge; may opt 2 (v); probable; referee; umpire; which
assorted; but; differ
astronaut; eject; rocket
atheist; skeptic; cynic (not sure they group well)
Atlantic; ocean; Pacific; sea
Atlanta; board (2 kinds); board of deacons; committee; congress; deacon; delegate opt. 1; faculty; legislate; member; parliament; senate; staff
atmosphere; culture; environment; local; orient; region opt. 2; social
atom; electron; molecule; neutron; proton
atone; exchange; instead opt. 2; replace; substitute; trade
attain; triumph; victor; win
attempt; effort; strive; try
attend; concentrate; teach
attire; costume; dress; gown; pajama; poncho
attitude; character; feature; moral; morale; noble; personality; qualify; trait
attract opt. 1; belong
auction; peddle; sale; sell
auditorium; chapel; church; ecclesiastical; synagogue; temple
aunt; cousin; niece; nephew; uncle
author; chalk; literal; literate; manuscript; pen; pencil; record (v); secretary 2 options; write
authority; energy; intense; might; power; strong
autism; distinguish
auto; automobile; bus; car; jeep; tank; taxi; truck; van; vehicle; wagon
autumn; September opt. 2
avail; here
avenue; boulevard
average; medium
avoid; dodge; evade
awake; aware
award; bestow; gift; prize reward; tribute

away; cast; none; nothing
axe/ ax; chop; hatchet

baby; infant
bachelor; bachelorette; celibacy; twin
bacon; macaroni; noodle; spaghetti
bad; evil; naughty; profane; rude; wicked
bag; pouch; sack
bake; casserole; roast
ballet; hop; jump; leap; skip; trampoline
ballot; vote
baloney; frankfurter; salami; sausage; wiener
ban; crime; flunk; forbid; prohibit
band; club; cluster; commission; council; crew; squad; tribe; workshop
bandana; bonnet; kerchief; scarf
bang; bump; crash; damage; victim; wreck
bank; grocer; market; stock; store; stuff
banner; flag; pennant
banquet; dine; feast; picnic
Baptist; baptize; immerse option 2, immersion
bar; line; row
bare; empty; naked; nude; vacant
barn; cabin; condo opt. 1; factory; garage; house; hut; museum; sanctuary opt 1; shed opt 1; station; tabernacle; Morse’s Tabernacle
Barnabas; encourage; motive
barometer; centigrade; degree; Fahrenheit; meter; temper; thermometer
base; cellar; denominator (fraction); element; fundamental; inferior; kindergarten; -neath; prime; sub-; theme
battalion; funeral; parade; platoon; troop
battery; electric; physics; socket
battle; crusade; quarrel; struggle; war
bawl; cry; tear; weep
bay; cove; gulf; harbor
beach; brook; creek; river; stream
bead; sequin
beak; wolf
beam; gleam
bean opt. 1; carrot
bean opt. 2; pea
beat; hit; lash; punch; strike
because; better; forget
bed; hotel opt. 1; motel; nap; pillow
bee; wasp
beef; ham; liver; meat; steak; veal; pork
Beelzebub; demon; devil; mischief; Satan
beer; wine
beet; cucumber; parsnip; tomato; turnip
beg; coax
begin; commence; initial; initiate; origin; source; start
behave; do; manner
behind; hind; rear
behold; look; saw; see
beige; brown; tan
beka; denarius; denarii; economy; mina mite; money; finance; shekel; talent
bell; chime; chord; echo; jingle; tambourine; tone
belt; buckle
bench; chair; couch; perch; roost; seat; sit; sofa
benefit; dividend; profit
berry; raspberry; strawberry opt 1
bestow; give (see award); issue; yield
bet; compromise
Bethlehem; Jerusalem; Nazareth
beware; keep
beyond; far; distant; extreme; remote; yonder
bicycle; bike; cycle; tricycle; trike
bid; nominate
big opt 2; enormous; grand; great; huge; immense; large; much; quite; such; tremendous
billion; million; trillion
bind; tie; wrap
biology; chemistry; experiment; science
bird; chicken; crow; duck; parakeet; parrot; pigeon; robin; sparrow
birth; birthday; born; conception; incarnate
biscuit; cookie
bit opt. 2; slight
bitter; mourn; sore; sour; suffer; tart; vinegar
black; coal; gray/grey opt. 1
blank; dash
blanket; sheet; shelter
blaze; fire; bonfire
bleed; blood; rust; shed (feathers, blood, etc.)
bloom; blossom; bud
blouse; coat; jacket; Rabbi; robe; shirt; uniform; vest; tallith/ talis
blue; green; olive; purple; turquoise; yellow
blur; opaque
board; panel; stage
boast; brag
bond (paper); document; Kleenex; stationery; tissue
bondage; slave
boot; galoshes; shoe
border; edge; crust; hoof; lawn; toe
borrow; credit; rent
boss; capital; captain; office
bowl; jar; nest; net; pot; tub; vase
branch; limb; twig
brand; label
brave; hero; vigor
breakfast; dinner; eat; gobble; lunch; meal; supper
breath; sigh
breed; kind; generous; type
bribe; under opt. 1; underneath
brick; concrete; fossil opt. 2; gravel; mineral; ore; pebble; rock; shell; stone
bright; brightly; clear; glisten; glow; obvious
brilliant; smart; wit opt. 1
bring; import; transport
broad; general; public; wide; vast
brochure; magazine; catalogue/catalog; journal; ledger; pamphlet
broil; grill; oven
broth; cereal opt. 1; dessert opt. 1; granola; oatmeal; pudding; rice; soup; spoon; yogurt
brother; sister opt. 1
bucket; pail
budget; economy; finance; money
buffet; cafeteria opt. 1
build; construct; structure
bulb; globe; wreath
bun; sandwich
bunny; rabbit
burden; responsible
burn; heat; preheat
bury opt 1; cemetery; grave opt. 1; tomb
busy; chore; commerce; employ; function; industry; labor; operate; toil; use opt. 1; vocation; wear
butter; jam; lard; margarine; mayonnaise
buy; cash; invest; purchase; shop; spend

cabbage; cauliflower; lettuce
cabinet; cupboard
cable; cord; fiber; ribbon; string; thread; twine; wire; yarn
caboose; train
cafe; cafeteria (opt. 2); restaurant
cage; jail; prison
California; gold; silver
call; charismatic option 1
calm; gentle; peace (Shalom); quiet; solemn; silent; tranquil
canal; glacier; method; path; road; way 2 opts
cancer; diabetes; germ; infect; virus
cantaloupe; jack-o-lantern; melon; pumpkin
canyon; valley
cap; lid; tip; top
capitol; govern; federal; mayor; politic
capture; subdue
caramel; chocolate; cocoa; fudge; vanilla
care; custody; supervise
career; crooked; direct; major; minor; profess; straight
cargo; load; freight; stack
carnival; festival; pageant
carpet; linoleum; mat; rug; tile
carry; vessel
cartoon; doll; fun (opt. 2)
carve; pastrami; slice
cast (mold); pour
castle; mansion; palace
cat; kitten; leopard; panther; tiger
category; class; department; family; group; herd; league; organize; team
caterpillar; creep; slug; snail
cattle; cow
cave; hollow
cease; halt; interrupt; stop
celestial; firmament; heaven; paradise
cent; dime; nickel; penny; quarter
centigram; centimeter; kilogram; kilometer; milliliter; millimeter
center; intermediate; middle; moderate; nuclear; nucleus
certain; fact; real (opt. 2); serious; sure
certify; entire; include; total; whole
chain; Olympics
chance; happen; event; fate (opt. 2); incident; luck; occur; result (opt. 2)
chant; opera; sing
charge; cost; fee; price; tax
charity; grace; sacred
chart; map
chase; pursue
chastity; divine; orthodox; pure; saint
check; edit
cheer; happy; enjoy; glad; joy; merry; rejoice
chew; digest
Chicago; Detroit; Philadelphia; Africa opt 2?
chick; duckling
child; dwarf; midget
chill; cold; refrigerate; shiver; winter
chimney; Paris; tower
chip; flake; fragment; piece; segment – fragment; particle – final; last
chiropractor; doctor; medic; nurse; paramedic; psychiatry; pulse; veterinarian
Christ; David (King); duke; emperor; king (kingdom); lord; majesty; Messiah; prince; queen; royal
Christmas opt 1; December opt. 2
chubby; fat
chuckle; comic; giggle; grin; humor; laugh; smile
cider; juice; lime; nectar
circumstance; common; company; ordinary; standard; together; union
citizen; individual
city; colony; town; village
civil; geography; international; universe; world; year
clean; dismiss; exclude; immaculate; neat; Shavuoth (Feast of Weeks)
climate; season; weather
climax; peak
close (adj.); intimate (adj.); near
closet; door
cloth; fabric; flannel (opt. 2); rag; texture
clue; inspect; explore; investigate; pioneer; research
clutch; hold; grasp; grip (opt. 2)
coach; discipline option 1; drill; intern; practice; rehearse
coarse; rough
code; demonstrate; example; indicate; represent; show; symbol; symptom
coffee; grind; ground (opt 2)
cole slaw; salad
collapse; crumble
collect; gather
college; graduate; seminary; university; Yeshiva
colt; horse; mule; pony
comfort; cozy
command; claim; exclaim; order
commemorate; memorial; remember
communicate; converse; dialogue; interview; talk; total communication
compact; little; small; wee
compassion; pity; mercy; sympathy
compel; enforce
compete; race
competent; expert; excel; skill; talent
complain; fuss; gripe; object (verb)
complex; complicate
component; device; equip; french fries; furnish; item; material; resource; supply; thing; tool; ware
comprehend; realize; understand
compute; computer opt 2
conceal; hide; intrigue; mystery
conceive; pregnant
condition; demand; impress; insist; require
conduct; harmony; orchestra;
conflict; cross opt 1; hybrid; paradox
confront; presence
conjunction; link
conquer; defeat
conscience; guilt
conscious; sense
consecrate opt 1; dedicate; sacrifice
conserve; preserve; reserve (opt. 2); safe; save
consider; contemplate
consistent; continue; constant; maintain; momentum; permanent; perpetual; persist; remain
constellation; galaxy; star
commandment; constitute; curriculum; doctrine; formula; law; ordinance; policy; principle; rule; state; testament
contagious; influence; infest
content; relieve; satisfy
contest; tournament
continent; ground (n); -dom; ecology; empire; field; land; meadow; pasture; plain; range
contour; form; gods; idol; image; shape; statue
contribute; provide
contrition; regret; repent; sorry
control; manage; dominate; handle; reign
cook; fry
copy; duplicate; emulate; imitate; simulate
could; shall; should; would
counter; desk; table
country; county; foreign
couple; pair
courtesy; fine; polite
cover; frost; glaze; laminate; patch
covet; desperate; want
crab; lobster; shrimp
cracker; crackerjack; matzo
create; make; devise; manufacture; produce
credential; license
criteria; priority
crunch; crush; demolish; squash
curb; grip (opt 1)
cure; dissolve; fade; heal; melt; remedy
curtain; drape
custard; jell; jello; jelly
custom; habit; routine; tradition (opt. 1)
cut; scissors; snip; trim; tongs
cute; sugar
cyclone; hurricane; riot; storm; tornado

daffodil; flower; pansy; rose; tulip; violet
dam; impair; obstacle
damn; hell
damp; dew; wet
danger; harm; peril; risk; threat
dark; dim; eclipse; fog; haze; shade; smog
dart; fling; pitch (opt. 1 & 2); throw
daughter; granddaughter
dead, death, die, perish
dear; fond; hug; love; romance
debt; owe
decent; nice
decimal; mark; notch; punctuate
deck; porch; stall; wall
decode; fable; tale
decorate, ornament (no group?)
dedicate; sacrifice
deep; profound
define; mean; intend; purpose
definite; determine
defy; rebel; revolt
delay; extend; postpone; procrastinate
delicate; fragile; weak
delight; gay; young
Denmark; Finland (US sign); Norway (US sign); Swede (US sign)
denominator; fraction; numerator
dentist; orthodontic
depend; parasite; rely
depreciate; diminish
describe; explain
desert; humid; July (opt. 2); summer
deserve; earn; income; merit; salary
designate; point; precise
destine; future; will
destroy; destruct; holocaust
detail; list; ingredient
detect; memo; note; notice; recognize
deteriorate; regress
develop; erect; posture; tall
dialect (opt. 2); grammar; language; linguistic; phrase; sentence; syntax
diameter; radius
diamond; gem; jewel; ring
dictionary; encyclopedia
diet; slim
difficult; hard; firm; harsh; problem; tough
digit; number; numeral
dip; dye; rinse
diploma; floor; plateau; reef
dirt; mud; pollute
dis-; il-; im-; in-; ir-; mis-; non-; not; un-
disappear; drown
discipline option 2; penalty; punish
discover; find; locate
disgust; nausea
dish; plate
display; exhibit; model
divine; holy; orthodox; pure; saint
dock; pier; wharf
dog; puppy
dolphin; porpoise; whale
donkey; obstinate; stubborn
dorm; home
double; multiple; once; seldom; sometimes; triple; twice
dough; flour; graham; pastry
down; low; south; vertical
drain; extinguish; sink (opt. 2)
dream; scheme
drift; float; glide; raft
drink; sip
drive; tractor
drizzle; sprinkle
dry; prune
duchess; empress; princess
dull; stale
dumb; goof; idiot; stupid
during; while
dusk; Sabbath (Sabbot); sunset
dust; wax
duty; obligate; work
dynamite; explode

each, every; per
eager; enthuse
earnest; honest; frank; genuine; real (opt 1); true
earth; earthquake; terrestrial
educate; instruct; teach; tutor
egg; omelet
elaborate; fabulous; fantastic; marvel; terrific
elegant; fancy; luxury; style
elevate; high; highway (opt. 2); north; rise; up
elope; escape; evacuate; flee
emit; extract; out; quit; resign
emotion; feel; mood; pride; proud
emphasis; stress
enchilada; tortilla
encourage; motive
engine; motor
enter; invade; infiltrate; subway (opt. 2)
envy; jealous
epidemic; plague
equal; equate; equivalent; even
equator; latitude; solar
error; mistake; wrong
especially; except; particular; special
essay; prose; read
essence; important; main; precious; value; worth
establish; found (v)
estimate; guess
evangelical; lecture; minister; preach; sermon
evaporate; gas; vapor; vent
evident; proof; prove
exact; perfect; specific
exalt; supreme; superior; exercise
exceed; excess
exclude; exclusive
exhaust; lie (recline); lounge
experience; veteran
expose; hatch; open (variation); reveal
express; expressive
extra; more

factor; part; section; sector; some
fall; fell
fame; famous
familiar; know; mind; remind; think
fast; rapid; speed; swift
fatigue; tire; weary
favor; favorite opt 2
Feast of Tabernacles; wedding tent (Chuppah)
Feast of Weeks; week
February opt. 2; heart opt 1; valentine
feet; foot; paw
fellow; he; guy; him; his; mister; sir
female; girl; her; Miss; Mrs.; she
fib; lie (to tell a…)
film; movie
filter; sift

first; January (opt. 2); prior
fish; mermaid; shark; tuna; wiggle
fix; mend; repair
flapjack; pancake; spatula
flare; torch
flash; signal
flat; level; monotone
flavor; taste
flew; fly
flex; plastic
folk; people; visit
fool; freak; odd; peculiar; queer; strange; weird
for; premier; prime minister; pro
fore; foreword; forward; pre
forest; grove; jungle; lumber; orchard; timber; tree; wood
fortune; treasure; rich; wealth
fragrant; odor; smell
freckle; measles; pimple; pox; rubella
free; independent; liberty; redeem; rescue; Savior
freeway; traffic
frequent; often
fresh; gospel; modern; new; raw
freshman; junior; sophomore; senior
Friday; Monday; Saturday; Thursday opt. 1 & 2; Tuesday; Wednesday
fright; scare
Fudgesicle; ice cream; lollipop; Popsicle
fuel; gasoline
full; mature; fertile; ripe

gain; increase
gallon; liter; pint; quart
gamble; lottery
game (opt. 1); party; play; recess; sport; toy (opt. 1)
gaze; stare
generate; heredity; inherit; legend
gentleman; gentlemen; lady
gerbil; hamster; mice; mouse; rat; rodent
ghost; haunt; spirit; spook
giant; gigantic
give; go; how; issue; yield
glory; glorify; glorious
glue; paste; plaster
good; indeed
gossip; rumor
gradual; retard; slow
grandmother; mom; mother
grandson; son
grape; raisin
grasshopper; locust
grateful; gratitude; thank; thanksgiving
gravy; grease; oil
gray (opt. 2); matter; spite; though
graze; greed
grief; grieve
grim; pout; tragic
groan; growl; howl; moan; wail
guarantee; oath; pledge; promise; swear; vow
guest; invite; hire; welcome
guide; lead (v); pilot
gull; ostrich
gum; tobacco

had (opt. 1); has (opt. 1); have (opt. 1)
had (opt. 2); has (opt. 2); have (opt. 2)
Halloween (all saints eve); mask; October (opt. 2)
hallucinate; imagine
hand; manual
handsome; profile
hang; hanger; hung
Hanukkah; menorah
hat; Jewish cap (yarmuke, Kipah)
haul; pull; tug
hear; listen; noise; radio; sound
hermeneutics; interpret; reverse
hesitate; pause; wait
hike; trample; trot; walk
Hispanic; Mexico; Spain
hog; pig; piglet
holiday; idle; leisure; retire; vacation
holler; scream
holster; sword; weapon
honey; sweet; sweetheart opt. 2
hose; sock
hostile; resent
human; person; -ist
humble; subtle
hurry; rush
husband; wife
hypnosis; hypnotize

idiom; proverb; quote; slang; title
illustrate; picture; photo
immediate; now
imply; say
imprint; print
in; pocket
iniquity; offense; sin; trespass
innocent; naive
install; put
instant; late; minute; moment; soon; tardy
instinct; litter; native; nature
insult; offend
intellect; intelligent; invent
introduce; prologue
Ireland; Irish; potato
irony; sarcasm; trick
isolate; separate

job; task
join; participate
journey; mobile; roam; venture; wander
jumble; mess

kick; soccer
Kool-Aid; lemon; lemonade

lake; pond; puddle
lamb; sheep; wool
lap; slip
Latin; Rome
launder; wash; wipe
lay; occupy; set
lend; loan
letter; message; parable
limit; maximum
liqueur; liquor; whiskey
lodge; stay
log; saw (n) (opt 2)
logic; meditate; ponder; reason; thought (n); wonder
lonesome; patient; tolerate
louse; lousy; rot
loyal; regular
Lutheran; Presbyterian; Protestant

marble; mix
march (opt. 2); parade
mechanic; wrench
meningitis; spine
mention; report
micro; miniature; tiny
mile; yard
military; soldier
miniature; tiny
minus; negative
mount; on
mouth; oral; speech
munch; nibble
must; necessary; need; shall (opt. 1); should (opt. 1)

nag; peck
nation; republic
none; nothing
noun; pronoun (opt. 1); vocabulary; word
nun; virgin

octopus; squid
offer; present (v); propose; recommend; suggest
only; sole
orbit; planet; satellite
ought; seem
ounce; pound; ton; weigh
our; us; we
over; super

page; recipe
pan; skillet
pant; slack; trouser
paranoid; suspect
passenger; ride
pave; tar
perceive; perspective
perimeter; rectangle; square; transparency
persecute; torture
persuade; treat; urge
pet; stroke; tame
philosophy; wise
pill; vitamin
ping-pong; racket/ racquet
pink; red
plagiarize; rob; snatch; steal
plaid; Scot
pole; tube
polish; shine
precipitate; rain; rainbow (opt. 2); snow
predict; prophecy; prophet
president; superintendent
private; secret
program; project (n)

quality; role
question; quiz; riddle

rack; shelf
rail; track
rainbow (opt. 1); sky; space
razor; shave
reel; spool
reflect; repel
reject; rid
relay; transfer
religion; theology
relinquish; renounce; submit; surrender
reptile; snake
rhyme (opt. 2); same; synonym
rip; tear
rotate; twirl; spin; whirl

ruin; spoil

salute; scout
sandal; thong
scroll; Torah
search; seek
second; third
sew; tailor
shall (opt. 2); should (opt. 2)
shoot; shot
shout; voice; yell
shore; tide
slap; spank; whip
sled; toboggan
soda; yeast
solder; weld
somersault; tumble
sprain; twist
subway; Xerox (opt. 2)
swing; trapeze

tail; wag
tent; tepee
that; these; this; those
their; them; they
thirst; throat
thorough; through; thrust
thunder; violent
till; to; too; until
tiptoe; wade
travel; voyage
trial; tribulation; trouble; worry

vice; wit (opt. 2)

was (opt. 1); were (opt. 1)
was (opt. 2); were (opt. 2)
who; whom; whose