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About Signing English

We are a mother/daughter team working together to learn signing English (S.E.) or signing exact English (S.E.E.), and creating a free online dictionary.

More about me

graphic for Mrs J

Mrs. J

Miss J

I became interested in learning sign language when I started loosing her hearing.  Long ago I learned that I had an eye problem like dyslexia part of the form of epilepsy (partial complex seizures).  My eye-brain connection has been mixed up ever since my youth so I turn things around.  Therefore I rely on others to help me make text and pictures correct, but as my health declined so did my dependency on others.  My daughter after much prayer stated she wanted to be a stay-at-home daughter to help me out, sacrificing to be here for me. This however leads to the issue of income for her. She has tried so many things but my dependency limits her abilities as well. She is staring a new venture and if you would be so kind as to visit her place, it would be very much appreciated.

For a long time I did not want to put much about me on this web site. But there has been many questions about health issues. I never wanted pity from anyone, yet I do desire compassion, understanding and prayer.

Growing up I suffered from an abusive father, as a result I ended up with brain injury that was never diagnosed until I was taking college courses, then years after that there was a full diagnosis resulting in over 21 different issues. A lot of these things I never heard of even PTSD. For years I struggled to learn and struggled with issues of morality, character and just life.

It was an encounter with Christ that changed my life. But it took more evidence for me to really trust God. I became so interested in science as well as the medical aspect of humanity, so I read extensively for years before so many things stared to click for me. Once I wrote a book that was used my many preachers and psychologist alike, but trying to make it into a book that other would read never happened. Out of frustration I destroyed everything I had written. Yes, there were anger issues to deal with and unfortunately my children suffered also for a while until I learned to allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in my heart and in my life. It is an ongoing process, like the song said, “Still under construction, the paint is still wet.”

There is a great interest in maybe doing another book, time will tell, only because I want to be able to tell how God has worked in my life. It is what motivates me, moves me and also what inspires the graphic art work that both my daughter and I do.

Disabilities keep me isolated, but God and my daughter turns that isolation into solitude. Disabilities keeps me on assistance for now (which I hate and working on changing), but God puts a desire in me to never give up on independence that is interdependent. Once I heard it said that until people see in those with disabilities an opportunity to enhance their own lives and not as burdens, society will have a long way to go.

This brings me to why I will not charge for this website. For years I struggles with hearing and everywhere I turned I had to pay for lessons on sign language. When I learned about signing English I found it easier for me to understand and use but again no free places, so after much prayer my daughter and I started a website with videos but that required equipment we just did not have and the videos were not good. So after several attempts we are now here working on this site. But we do have to eat and put a roof over our heads so we needed a way to have an income from our home.

So stared the long list of endeavors and they continue and will until we find one what words and is successful. So please help us get the word out for my daughter’s new efforts here: Looking Up Designs Her Facebook page is here: Looking Up Designs

loyal word group

words: loyal; patriot; patriotic

loyal: right “L” thumb taps left shoulder, flips to facing in and taps shoulder again

patriot: right “P” thumb touches left shoulder

patriotic: right “P” thumb touches left shoulder, changing to “C”

first word group

words first; January (opt. 2); prior

sign for first

first: right “1” finger hits thumb of left extended “A”

sign for January option 2

January option 2: right hand makes “J” curve into left flat hand with thumb extended, facing in

prior: middle finger of right “P” hits thumb of left extended “A”

February option 2 word group

words: February opt. 2; heart opt 1 (heart opt 2); valentine

sign for February option 2

February option 2: “F” thumbs touching separate drawing a heart over your heart

sign for heart option 1

heart option 1: draw a heart on your chest with your “1” fingers

valentine: middle fingers of “V” hands touch over heart, draw a heart

like word group

words: alike, dislike, like, unlike

sign for alike

alike – “A” hand facing out; “L” touches chest, draw forwards and close

sign for dislike

dislike: “D” hands cross at wrist and uncross; “L” touches chest, draw forwards and close,

sign for like

like – “L” touches chest, draw forwards and close, this is also an affix

sign for unlike

unlike: “U” hands cross at wrists and uncross; “L” touches chest, draw forward and close

desert word group

words: desert; humid; July (opt. 2); summer

desert: “D” hand wipes across forehead

humid: “H” fingers wipe across forehead

sign for July option 2

July option 2: little finger of “J” wipes across forehead

summer: index finger of “X” wipes across forehead

assess word group

words: assess; awkward; balance; clumsy; court; doubt; evaluate; judge; may opt 2 (v); probable; referee; umpire; which

sign for assess

assess: “A” hands facing out move up and down alternating

awkward: “3” hands facing down move up and down alternating

balance: flat hands facing down move up and down alternating

clumsy: “5” hands facing down move up and down alternating

court: horizontal “C” hands facing each other move up and down alternating

doubt: “S” hands facing down move up and down alternating

evaluate: “E” hands facing out move up and down alternating

judge: horizontal “9” or” F” hands facing each other move up and down alternating

sign for may (verb) option 2

may (verb) option 2: both flat hands facing up, right higher than left then, exchange places and repeat

probable: horizontal “P” hands facing each other move up and down alternating

referee: “R” hands facing out move up and down alternating

umpire: “U” hands facing out move up and down alternating

sign for which

which: extended “A” hands facing each other, slide up and down alternating