owl graphicWe are a mother-daughter team learning signing English and decided we would create this dictionary (picture dictionary of signs) while we learn it.
Mrs J
Mrs. J. is a stay-at-home wife and mother, married since 1977, with adult children and two grandsons.  I became interested in learning sign language when I started loosing my hearing.  Long ago I learned that I had an eye problem like dyslexia part of the form of epilepsy (partial complex seizures).  My eye-brain connection has been mixed up ever since my youth so I turn things around.  Therefore I rely on others to help me make text and pictures correct, but as my health declined so did my dependency on others.  My daughter after much prayer stated she wanted to be a stay-at-home daughter to help me out, sacrificing to be here for me. This however leads to the issue of income for her. She has tried so many things but my dependency limits her abilities as well. She is staring a new venture (Looking Up Designs) (Facebook Page) and if you would be so kind as to visit her place, it would be very much appreciated. (More about me)
Miss J 
Miss J. is a stay-at-home daughter.  She stays home to help me out (because I have a lot of health issues).  I needed help learning sign language and my daughter always had an interest in it so she was glad to learn it with me.  Miss J is trying to earn income from home here.

Mr J
Mr. J is now retired. Dad keeps our hardware up and running. He searches yard sales and second hand stores to find equipment to keep us in computers. We often say if he cannot fix it, well, it is not broke.

We could not find any free resources for signing the way we talk so by the grace of God we are going to start this free picture dictionary of signs with what we have on hand.  It may not be perfect but we hope it helps you.  God bless you.

This website is owned and operated by a person losing their hearing and her daughter.  This website and its contents, graphics, text, etc. are copyrighted. You may use the site to teach with giving the credit to its creators (signing English by Ej and Ej). Please do not claim any of this work as your own. It take a lot for us to create and publish this work, it is a labor of love to help others out so please do not take advantage of this. We are not a 501c3 organization, just a family who wants to help others and honor God the best we can. It is why we use a free format to create this work. Thank you for understanding.

May the Lord bless your lives with His presence and with His grace and mercy.